Don Wilson

A little about me.
It was sometime in June of 2016 and I was working for a sign company up North. We had missed putting a pallet of signs on the truck that went up to Yellowknife to one of our major customers. The boss got me to drive 5 hours to Yellowknife to go deliver it to make sure they still got their signs in time. I ended up going for lunch at the mall in the city and made a quick stop at the electronics store. I saw a Canon T5 on sale for a pretty good price and asked about it. They said the floor model was the last one they had and that I could get a bit of an additional discount on top of it. It's kinda funny I don't think I would've ever got into this if that original shipment had actually made it on the truck. Funny how life works. 
Currently I am living in Vancouver, BC after spending some time in Edmonton, AB and Regina, SK. Photography is more of a creative outlet for me, if greatly differs from my job as a Biomedical Engineering Technologist. I don't do it for the money, I do it because it lets me create, gives me a reason to see the world, and lets me meet fantastic people along the way.
I gotta say some of my greatest accomplishments so far in my photography life as having my photos shared by BBC Earth, Adobe Lightroom, and selected by National Geographic as one of the top 12 photos of the day. 2019 has been starting off strong for me with publishing by Harper Collins and Canadian Geographic. I'm very excited to see what lies in the years ahead especially with my new start in BC. 
Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope my photos can bring back memories for some and give people new places they want to see.