Climbing the knife ridge on St. Nicolas.

The first time I really got to see what Banff National Park had to offer was during the summer of 2016 where I took part in an "Intro to Mountaineering" course with Yamnuska Mountain Adventures a company based out of Canmore. It was an amazing 6 day course where I met a lot of amazing people. The course was held in the Wapta Icefields and we would call Bow Hut our home for the week. 
The photos in this section were all taken during the trip. On our last skills day and we had a 4 am start to climb Mount Olive (3130m) and Mount St. Nicolas (2938m). The two peaks were on opposite sides of each other. Once you climb one, you go down and up the other one. The photo showing the knife ridge of St Nicolas was probably one of my favorite photos of the trip since the clouds were fairly thick that day and just for a moment the peak had finally reveled itself and we could see our goal. The knife ridge was also super fun with some sections being only as wide as a foot. I wish I got to take more photos out there especially in the evenings and nights to get some astro-photography but the days were pretty exhausting. 

A view of one the groups behind us, St Nicolas being the closest peak and Olive in the background.

Views looking back at Mt Olive on-wards to St. Nicolas.

Map showing the general area of Banff National Park. The park also extends slightly into British Columbia.

Two Jake Lake Sunset 

One of my photos that grabbed the most attention in 2019 was this photo taken at Two Jack Lake. 
This was taken on a trip out to the mountains with my buddy Raymond (@raymond_dam_) a photographer based out of Edmonton. We set off super early at around 3 or 4am to catch sunrise in Jasper National Park. We stopped by places such as Pyramid Lake, Yoho National Park, Lake Minnewanka, and many more places. It was a shame during most of the trip the cloud cover was quite high making photos not turn out very well. We really lucked out with a fantastic sunset at Two Jake Lake though. Being on the lake I was sad I didn't bring any of my skates or hockey gear as there was lots of ice hockey and skating happening around me. You can actually see them if you look hard where the trees and ice meet in the photo. 
The two last photos I wanted to talk about are both related to overnight accommodations I've had in the mountains. 
Ghost Wilderness Area
Mosquito Creek Hostel
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