The Northwest Territories to me will always be home. I grew up in the small but charming town of Hay River but never got into photography until after I had graduated from high school. 
It's actually kind of a funny story how I got my first camera, at work we had missed putting a fairly large pallet of signs to one of our main customers on the semi-truck that had left. The customer needed these signs quite badly and the shop got me to drive 5 hours to Yellowknife to get them to the shipping center before they were sent off to the mines. During my lunch break I wandered into the electronic store at the mall and saw they had a Canon T5 on a huge sale and the last one was the shelf model so I decided to get it. I honestly don't think I would have bought a camera if it weren't for that missed shipment. Funny how things work. 
The photo you see on the top was taken at the beaches that surround my town. It's one of those pictures that just always brings me back home, to the bonfires and social gatherings on the beach, kayaking during the sunset, or just driving my truck onto the sand and opening the tailgate just hanging out in the box of the truck. 
In the gallery below I've added some stories behind some of the images taken as well as a larger gallery of the photos I've taken in the Northwest Territories. If you have any questions or would like to purchase prints or rights to use images in your own content don't hesitate to reach out. 

Map Highlighting Location of the Northwest Territories 

In the garden

Staircase Louise Falls

The two photos you see above are some of the first photos I ever took with my camera. The one on the left was taken in my Dad's garden (which is magnificent by the way and the older I get the more jealous of it I am) and the one on the right was taken at the stairs going down to Louise Falls, this image holds a bit of special place in my heart since it was the first ever photo I took that got some recognition and got shared around the internet quite a bit! Got me thinking I might actually be half decent at this.  
The image above is one of the images that has gotten me the most recognition, winning lots of photography contests, getting published in two books and being selected as one of National Geographics Photos of the Day. 
It was taken back in December 2016 and I remember that day like the back of my hand. I remember going out to take photos in sub minus thirty weather, wearing layers upon layer and bringing 3 pairs of gloves. Getting there I wanted to find a nice angle where I could get a nice view of the bottom and the top of the falls because you had the beautiful bends of the river water still showing and the mist of the falls as the water hits the frigid air. When I found my angle I was looking for, I pulled out my trusty 35mm for my Nikon D7200 and starting shooting away. I was blown away by how much light was hitting the falls from the moon that night. I also remember how my auto focus on the camera wasn't working very well as it sat longer and longer in the cold. After almost half an hour of sitting in the cold snow I wasn't working very well either. 

Pelican at the Fort Smith Rapids

Kestrel, Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park which extends into the southern part of the Northwest Territories is the largest National Park in Canada, coming in at just under 45,000 square kilometers. Home to bison, whooping cranes, moose, eagles, and many more species. The image on the left was taken in the town of Fort Smith at the rapids located on the banks of the slave river rapids. This image was actually shared by BBC Earth a few years ago. The image on the right is of a Kestrel on my way back to Hay River on highway 5. 
The last two images I wanted to write about were taken on my trip home for christmas in December 2018. During the time I was home the entire town and the surrounding area were covered in this amazing white hoarfrost happens when there moist air. It just made all the trees look magical. The image you see on the left is personally my favorite image I've taken, a friend and I were walking back to the car at sunset from shooting at Alexandra Falls and my friend pointed out how amazing the light shining through that trail is right now. I was kind of in awe. I then look up and the leaves up top are getting absolutely blasted from the light glowing almost. I was happy I had a 14mm wide angle to capture everything in the frame. The image on the right just shows how it looked all over the town at the time. I always forget how amazing winter in the north can be.
I'll sign off here with a gallery showcasing the rest of the photos I've taken over the years in the north. It truly is an amazing place and if any of you get the chance to visit up there I highly recommend it. It's hard to find a place that's so unique in it's landscapes. If you have questions on where to go or regarding the use of the pictures above or below feel free to contact me on my social media or email.
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